Pressing Phase

All methods of oil extraction require the crushing of olives and the reduction in paste -a mixture of water, oil and solid particles. From the paste it will be easier to extract the liquid, called oily must. A good milling has to disintegrate the pulp, to break oliseed cells walls that contain oil drops, without crumbling the core too much. We use a stainless steel crusher with an high production capacity with interchangeable hammers and a variation of rotor revolutions number to safeguard volatile substances that give off in the pressing phase. For this reason the machine allows a pressing with a changeable number of revolutions, according to the type of olives to grind and the product features we want to obtain.

Kneading Phase

The kneading consists in a slow and continuos mixing of the olives paste. It has the purpose of increasing the free oil percentage favoring the oil droplets coalescence in bigger drops, that can be separated in a liquid continuos phase.
The kneading phase has to break water-oil emulsion formed in pressing phase and permit the oil drops coalescence. the kneading machine becomes the main element of oil extraction and trasformation. It’s essential to establish and control the time and the temperature (cold squeeze system). The paste temperature is electronically controlled, to protect oil from negative effects of thermo-oxidation



The paste passes to the decanter. This machine permits the oil separation from olives water and olives pulp, through the centrifugal force.
The decanter permits the processing of singular lots with high working capacity (25 q/hour). It’ s also possible to obtain a very clear extra virgin oil in this phase, thanks to the possibility of changing rotations number.
We have a decanter that has two or three phases. We have chosen to work with the two phases system, because it doesn’t have to add water, allowing a water saving and the obtaining of an oil with a lot of polyphenols, useful for a longer conservability.



We use a centrifugal separator to clarify the oil, that separates liquid according to their specific gravity.
The particular structure and the possibility of changing the ratations number during the separation process allow an optimal centrifugation of the oil that arrives from the decanter to give us the best product for its organoleptic characteristics.

Our Mill is an Organic Oil MIll, completely rco friendly and zero energy impact.